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School Communication

Communication to parents

Flexischools message App

For swift and time-sensitive communications, we use the  Flexischools app. To ensure you stay promptly informed, we recommend downloading the app upon enrolment (detailed instructions below). By doing so, you'll be well-equipped to receive any essential notifications about upcoming events that we send your way. Stay in the loop by having the Flexischools app at your fingertips!

Click here for instructions on how to dowload the Flexischools App.  Make sure you say YES to push notifications.  Please note if you are a new student starting next year - please register in class "new starter".

School Bytes Parent Portal

We use School Bytes to send out permission and payment information for Excursions etc. 

The School Bytes Parent Portal is like a convenient hub for managing permissions and payments for school events. With all the emails flying around these days, it's so easy to lose track of important information. But fear not! The Parent Portal keeps everything related to activities neatly organised. You can pop in whenever you like to review dates, locations, and even what your child needs to bring. It's your go-to source for all things school-event related.

School Bytes Parent Portal Set up instructions - You will be able to download your parent portal once your child has started school.

Or download the School Bytes app :

School Website

See the "Notes and Forms" tab on this website for information on events and activites for each term.


Please make sure you read our newsletter each fortnight.  It is jam packed with information.  We send an app each fortnight to let you know it is on our website.  It stays on the website for future reference. The newsletter can be viewed at anytime on the website under the heading "Newsletter" at the top of the page.